Tiffen 43MM IR Neutral Density HM (Apex) 3.0 (10 Stop) Filter


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Tiffen IR Neutral Density HM (Hot Mirror) ApeX 3.0 Filter


The Tiffen XLE Series APEX filter is designed for use on all DSLR, APS-C & Micro 4:3 sensors regardless of lens coating.


Designed for extreme long exposures, the filter will allow you to blur any movement in the scene. The APEX is equipped with a standard near infrared blocker and a Tiffen Hot Mirror to eliminate all IR pollution that long exposure photography is susceptible to. These two features allow you to capture your long exposures without the risk of compromising the color in your image. If you require a heightened red response in your image, either manually reset your white balance or adjust in your post-production software.

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