Zing PRO ZOOM SLR Cover Black


Zoom SLR Camera Covers
Designed to fit SLRs with longer lenses. Extended flaps wrap around the lens with Velcro?? together to secure the cover around the camera. Built-in leash clips to your camera strap to hang the cover while shooting.


Pro Zoom SLR Cover
Fits SLRs with a bottom-mounted winder/battery grip and a lens 4 to 7 inches (10-17.5 cm) long.
Weight: 7 oz.


Zing's unique, patented latch system
snugs the cover around your SLR
to provide minimal bulk and maximum





While shooting,
hang the cover from your camera strap
or simply stuff it in your pocket.


Zing Neoprene Pouches and Accessories


: Neoprene is elastic and form-fitting; it conforms to equipment of varying sizes and shapes.

CUSHIONING: Neoprene has just the right thickness and density to absorb the shock of everyday handling and bumping around. A high level of protection, both inside the camera bag and out.

LOW FRICTION: Zing neoprene is laminated between layers of  smooth nylon knit. Unlike plain foam or rubber, it has extremely low surface friction. This makes it easy to slide and stretch over equipment, quick to remove, and scratch-resistant.

WEATHER-RESISTANCE: Neoprene sheds water like a duck, making it an ideal outdoor material. Zing cases provide great protection against rain, snow, sand and dust.

Zing cases, covers and pouches are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors to fit a broad range of photographic and??  personal electronic applications. All Zing products are extremely lightweight, and can be easily stuffed in a jacket or bag pocket when not in use.

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