Domke J Series Adjustable Main Compartment Insert


The heart of a Domke Shooter's Bag:
Another Domke exclusive, the Padded Insert System organizes and protects your gear with less fuss... and a lot less bulk. Interchangeable, compartmentalized inserts let you custom-tailor your Domke bag to suit any application or equipment combination. Walls are sewn to the bottom so items won't stray. And unlike the flat walls, hatches, floors and bridges you find in other bags, these inserts are complete, self-contained storage components. Which means you can move or remove any Domke insert without having to empty it first!

J-Series Adjustable Main Compartment Insert
(Included with every J-1 and J-2 bag). The adjustable main compartment insert is lined with heavyweight Velcro??????????_???? loop, and its two flexible, padded divider walls can be configured within the insert to fit many different sizes and combinations of camera bodies and lenses. Padded dividers can also be used in the main compartment of the J-1 and J-2 to divide the space any way you want. 15x 19 x 20cm